Recognizing Awesomness – some Culinary Students…not all!

Some just suck! Others, that I’m recognizing…are truely awesome!!!

I had a brief encounter tonight with some of the students that make going to Culinary school fun! One of which, yet sitting next to another…in another class, made my night. Then seeing others in my Capstone class that are finally graduating…and yet others that have chosen to continue their pursuit for even higher degrees (i.e. Bachelor’s degrees in various Culinary doctrine).

Seeing these students, mostly far younger than I, with much more hair, and with much more lives ahead of them; and being an instructor of higher education myself, need to recognize their achievements and their pursuit of acheivement…and their pursuit of being as good of a cook as ME!!!

Nonsense…the competition is on. Bring what you’ve got best to the table and “Recognize Awesomeness”… then a slight genuflect as you say, “yes master”.

Shut up, and get back in the kitchen…all of you!



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