Martini – Perfect ! ! !

So why not say “The perfect Martini”? Because…

When you’re engaged with a Martini, it’s another world. It’s like being engaged to a Vegas stripper for the moment…or the night. Yes,…I’m currently engaged. There maybe another engagement yet tonight.

How to make the perfect Martini…I know that’s what you’re expecting from me. Well, mine is of a simple varietal. Two kinds of olives (hallucinogenic after also “engaging” the drink), Jalapeno stuffed, and Garlic stuffed olives. Two kinds of liquor tonight. Not normal; but, Bombay Saphire (50%), and Stolichnaya (50%). Normal would be 100% Saphire (100 proof). I wanted to write this so I’m diluting it a bit.

What’s your’s? What would you pair this bad boy with? STEAK ! ! ! Hell Yeah!… Not tonight! It’s left overs…

Why does the Martini gotta be all that? Because…that’s what a Martini is…”all that”.

The perfect Martini is made by the perfect “Mixologist”. I’m not kidding. The quality of the Martini is directionally proportional to the “love” that was put into it. The liquor, the glass, the ingredients, the conversation and the bartender. I’ve had them from the most famous bartenders in the world…Ok, maybe my world. The Bartenders have stories…and that’s what can make a perfect Martini. But only if the other elements are carefully executed…the glass, the liquor…the end product! Where and when you’re having that perfect Martini also matters. It’s a demented world…but someone has to live it! I’m livin’ it baby!

I enjoy mine on the patio…the sun…the preparation of dinner…the late afternoon conversation with my wife. She usually concludes…”how many is that?” “Why, this is my first…”, I usually always reply.  … gotta play it safe, you know.

What you see in the picture is a “smokin’ Martini”. These are the bomb because they are friggin “fun”. To have this arrive at your table is awesome. To grab your glass, raise it for a cheer “Salud”, is the best. Again the spirit and atmosphere of what you are engaging in,… is what a Martini is all about.

Put in it, what you want. Dress it up…make it steam..create the perfect combination for your opportunity.

So until the next round… “Salud” ! ! !

Drink one for me…I’ll be having one for you.



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