Supporo Sushi – Don’t tell me “all you can eat”…I’ll hurt you!!!

Wow, a sushi house with Japanese chefs. In Murrieta,…hell, anywhere in Southern California. At least they looked Japanese…maybe I was fooled…

We happened upon this place via is a service my wife bought into a few months back as a coupon gimic thingy. Anyway, we had expected to use our coupon at Supporo Sushi, 39252 Winchester Road #137 Murrieta, CA 92563. I couldn’t find a website for them. Well, I guess the remainder of this blog will poke fun at the adventure of our night…Babe, read the coupons next time.

Our first encounter was with one of the new hire. A young lady that explained the “all you can eat sushi”, saying that they have to charge you $.50 for each piece over a roll that is left over. “You can order, whatever, and however much, you like from the order sheet”. I thought to myself…, “well damn, I can throw some sushi”. I think it was $21.95; which is less that Onami or Todai…and their stuff is mass produced. At what, I think they’re $24.99.

I began to pick and choose. I think I ate 3 rolls and a couple other finger rolls that were actually quite tasty. I think the wife ordered some Panko Shrimp that were pretty good as well. Great Panko batter. The other Tempura veggies were fine, not remarkable. Batter was fine, and they were cooked to perfection.

Now the problems kick in. Problem one is the oysters…damn good…, good size…, I must say; but were limited on the “all you can eat”, to just one. I mean it was that good. Already prepared with Tabasco and scallions. It was really good…the highlight.

They brought out my various rolls and Nigiri. I tore those bad boy’s up. Not bad…not standout. I had to ask twice for my order sheet, so I could look at a second round. Well, finally got it. I was very full. Do I go for another?…nah, already stuffed.

The bill comes and it’s $8 short of $100 so we could use two $25 coupons. The wife orders a roll for the kids at home and I finally order another roll for myself thinking, I’ll eat two pieces and take the rest home for the kids as well.

Now…, I understand why we are called “CritDicks”. I should have recognized, from a F&B business perspective that they’re trying to make money…but I didn’t. I was going to get whatever I could from this “all you can eat”. We even kept making fun of the chef’s. They must have been thinking “that dude already ate a shit-load…don’t give him his ordering sheet…he’s not gonna keep going…is he???”

So  the wife orders the other roll, I order another roll and the floor supervisor comes over and says the coupons are only one per table. “Ok fine…”, the wife says. The supervisor comes over again and say’s “and the all you can eat, is not accepted with the coupon…it’s going to be full price”. So, now the wife tries to make claim that she handed the coupons to the server at the begining…before we even ordered, and didn’t say anything to us…blah, blah!. A bunch of BS…and I’m starting to get upset, because I don’t really know what’s going on…I just want my friggin sushi.

So we get ready to leave, and I ask for a box to put my remaining 3/4 of a roll for the kids. Then the server tells us she has to charge us for the remaining pieces. “WHAT?” I now go off.  I grab my jacket and start to head for the door. Remember, we already paid. The poor young waitress catches my blast and say’s “I’ll just get you a box”. I’m already out the door… Poor gal must have been thinking “what a “”DICK””!

Turns out, the wife’s sister (yes, that would be my Sister-in-Law), read the coupons just after the initial order was taken. They knew all of this, but were playin’ the waitress because she was a new hire…but the boss caught all of it. So, hats off to the boss for being prudent. Baaadddd Wife!

All in all, My first impression was good, but turned sour as the night went on. I’m glad I didn’t blast the restaurant last night. The sushi wasn’t the best…but it wasn’t the worst. For a small place out in no-where, Murrieta, it wasn’t that bad. And, the satff was Japanese. That’s good.

I say, check it out for yourself. “You make the call”. (NFL)

I should have been more responsive to the F&B business…”BAD FOODIE”

Yes, and I know Bruce Lee is not Japanese.


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