BBQ – Enzo’s – Oceanside…Where’s Simon?

Having our (wifey and I) craving for BBQ, we couldn’t navigate our way to our normal hideout (to be addressed later). Running errands in the North County (San Diego) we decided to try another BBQ joint on the way to the “tax man”. I remembered of a place nearby his office, so we said we’ll give it a honest test. I also know it to be somewhat popular, enough for the owner to purchase a small Italian/pizza eatery right next door and subsequently close it for expansion of Enzo’s into a little larger arena.

We decided to get there just before the lunch-time rush; literally right behind us, because the place began to fill quickly just after we sat at the bar facing the open kitchen. As I peered over the counter at Enzo keeping a watchful eye on the prep-cook’s creation for us, he noticed me and said playfully “you trying to steal my recipe?” My reply indicated I was watching him…watch his cook. At that moment I also noticed there was burning wood on the grill. I first thought he was igniting it to use in the smoker, later realizing it remained on the grill our entire visit. Now I realized this was to create smoke into the vent system to attract additional customers from the smell of the smoking wood, presumably hickory.

I also noticed Enzo had kept the pizza oven from the previous Italian place. I looked on the menu to find that he still offers pizza as “flatbread”. I don’t know if they’re any good but it must have previously drawn enough of attraction to maintain its occupation in the kitchen…and the menu.

The wife ordered the $9.95Β “6-year anniversary special” that we were to share. It came out as two plates. She didn’t think that her tab of $37 was high for one special, a beer, soda, onion rings and an extra side of coleslaw. Whatever, it is…what it is! The two (now) plates of two ribs, pulled pork sandwich, small coleslaw and beans sat before us. The baby-backΒ pork ribs were quite skimpy on the proportion of meat to bone. In other words, they were weak. The meat was somewhat tough and the BBQ sauce lacked vibrance. The pulled pork sandwich was on a toasted (looked like) egg bun, and the meat was pretty tasty and tender, much more than the ribs. The onion rings were said to be “beer battered” but really didn’t have much flavor as I needed to add salt. The ranch dressing had a hard time staying on the ring (runny) as I tried to cross my plate for a bite after dipping. The slaw and bean servings were very small (2 oz cups). The beans disappeared quickly in the broth filled sample. The taste was fine…but only had two small fork full.

It appears Enzo had increased his beer selection enough to add the words “Ale House” to his signage and he had several on tap.

Our visit was a bit of a let down compared to the “ole standby” and I think I’ve wasted more time on this post than it was worth. However, he’s the only BBQ place in that area and probably should remain where he’s at, because there’s no competition that I’m aware of.

Not a bad place to eat…just not worth revisiting for any kind of hope!

Enzo only gets two strips of bacon for this trip!


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