Recognizing Awesomeness – Military Instructors – and those that serve.

First off, I’m old school military…that’s pre-“Tailhook”… In other words, I’ve been there, done that, seen it, and been through it all. I also saw many changes for the better (that’s my politically correct statement).

Now, being an instructor of military doctrine and having endured (and you know what I’m talking about…if your are military) in several…ok many, military provided classes of various curricula, I know the meaning of “Awesomeness”. Well, in this particular case, there is a certain amount, or level, of respect that is given the instructors of the various military doctrine (courses)…as is the respect given back to those that serve and carry out the orders and instructions of the teachings. That’s what we’re all in this for. We just do…

One of the first teachings in any military course being presented, are the ground rules of the class. The response to emergencies (i.e. fire exits), restrooms, smoking and the use of electronic devices in the class room (i.e. cell phones). Generally, it is announced, prior to any pertinent subject curriculum, that the use of cell phones, laptops etc., is to be somewhat restricted or not otherwise authorized. Meaning, “put it on vibrate, off and the like.” Further stated “if you need to take a call, go outside”.

This particular instructor had his cell phone on vibrate atop his teaching podium that reverberated loudly in the class disrupting his, and the students, concentration. He said it was, like “super” loud…Cheap ass podiums!

There is also a somewhat unwritten code of doughnuts, or other assundrious (sp?, Google didn’t even pull that one up) penalties that may be necessary to be upheld, by violators of whatever codes become violated…throughout the service…for whatever reason…that happens to be appropriate. It is one of those laws or codes that is rarely ever strictly enforced. It’s just a code of ethics that can become a point of ridicule at any give moment, should the penalty never be satisfied. It’s part of the military code…or something like that. I really hope I’m not violating one of those codes.

This poor instructor bought for the whole class today. At least he bought good ones…from a good Korean (owned) doughnut house. I swear, for some reason, they (Korean owned doughnut houses)  just seem to make the best. Don’t quite know why…they just do!!! It’s like night and day. Now you know the secret to having good doughnuts in the workplace…have a Korean make ’em.

Hope I didn’t offend anyone. Just remember what you’re reading – “CritDicks”…

Call out to military instructors and those that listen to our stories (the instructors’ stories, that is). “Awesome”. You guys always seem to ROCK!


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