Adobo – can we talk ? ? ?

Let me talk about my wife’s adobo. She is the bomb when it come to making this stuff.

I have traveled quite extensively through the years, to many-a- destination within the Philippine islands. I have also worked with many-a-Filipino; making Adobo a thing of my palate’s desire. Now I ask… how easy is this s#&*???

I’m telling ya, my wife of Argentine/Italian descent, has got this down. Even her co-workers have given her responsibility of providing her adobo at the “largely Filipino (I hope I’m spelling it right) pot luck’s” within her workplace.

The recipe has been confirmed by many-a Filipino I’ve talked with; and I’ve even made her version for my own “pot lucks” at the office place. I’m telling ya’, rivals with the best!!!

Grab a chicken, cut it up (fabricate according to my culinary readers’ specifications) and pan sear that fu*%@r on high heat for a bit in a couple of tablespoons of Olive Oil until nice and brown…all around. Damn, I’m a poet…and didn’t even know it!… That’s from my Mom’s data base… Anyway, after you sear the juices in and have a nice browning, lower the temp to about a medium flame and add a couple of bay leaves. Add some whole peppercorns, to your pepper intake desire. Now, add equal parts (usually about 1 cup each) of regular soy sauce and white vinegar. Now comes the hard part…reduce the heat to a simmer and just cover it. Check for salt level (usually none required) and pour yourself a Martini and let it cook 30 minutes. Don’t forget to add a couple of rusett or red potatoes, cut to 3/4 inch chunks and let cook for another 15 minutes. About 45 minutes total, or one good Martini’s worth, check it for doneness and salt/pepper (i.e. “do I need another Martini?) to taste, and serve over the rice that has been completed in the rice cooker. Serve. Oh yeah, the rice cooker is another story. Just do it for now! we’ll worry about the rice in another serenade.

Call for questions…I mean “write” for questions. Love ya!

Peace – Adobo, Argentine/Italian version. But kick-ass, no matter how you look at it!




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