Cold Spring Tavern – Hwy 154 – Lake Cachuma

Let’s talk for a moment about history and finding a moment of solace… OK, done!

Now let’s talk about Cold Spring Tavern. A very quaint hideout in the hills above Lake Cachuma along the 154 in Santa Barbara. We originally found this place when reading a Rachel Ray $40-dollars-a-day review. We have since been back a couple of times for the breakfast menu and the very deserved, mid-travel Bloody Mary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A very important note… This quick review is based on winter-time (or early spring/late fall) crowds. From what we’ve been told, this is a serious biker destination that will frequent 400 bikes on a summer Saturday or Sunday.

What you’ll find is a very old set of buildings off of a very twisted road. You’ll suddenly happen upon a dirt parking area slightly tucked aside a hill just atop the property. What you’ll find inside the restaurant is just as twisty, old and historic. Dark, cool and very old-west feeling; warmed inside by a raging fireplace and a Tabasco laden double Kettle One Bloody Mary. Now…, get creative and let your hunger drive your menu selection. I’m telling you, order the French Toast also…also. What I mean is order something else as well; an omelet, some eggs or one of the frequented specials identified on the old-school chalk board upon entry…oh, and by the way, watch your’s and Grandma’s step around this place…someone is gonna bust their a#@. I think one of the specials I ordered once was some kind of a salmon omelet concoction. It was freakin’ awesome. The potatoes are excellent, as is the bacon and sausage. The breads are made on site…that’s what makes the French Toast to die for. Try a bunch of different menu items and share them all around the table. You will not be dissatisfied.

This place is very quiet (during these times), quaint and provides a wonderful solace after driving several hours traveling to/from LA or San Luis Obispo. Other times, there are bands playing outside, beers being hurled at biker’s heads and the same food being served by the biker friendly wait staff. Did I say the wait staff is biker friendly? You’re not going to get the “Hi, I’m Tiffany, and I’ll be your server today”. What you’re going to get is what you want, and that’s about it. You might get the finger if you expect anything else. The labor pool in the area kinda justifies the staff that work there. They also do outdoor “Q’ed” tri-tip sandwiches and such for their lunchtime crowds, all while dodging the “flying Coors Lite” can. Yet, I heard this place is always a “must stop” on any travel through the area…just cause, it’s that good. There’s also a bar next door that supports the thirsty traveler and musically deprived (always a local band playing).

If at all, just stop by to check out the historical buildings (i.e. a jailhouse from the 1800’s). This place is kinda neat and the food definitely kicks a#%.

This place gets a 400 biker rating!

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