Trip to Palm Springs – notes taken

Just a recap because I had to write it for class anyway, so this is a cut and paste.

Pinocchio’s for breakfast is a must. The husband and wife owners are (Chef) German and (General Manager) Hungarian. She, the General Manager, has a culinary degree from her country, and is really on top of her game, ensuring every facet of that place does not go without attention. He is a Master Chef. They opened the restaurant about 5 years ago and it does a bang-up business. THE best place for breakfast in the entire desert. Try the Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce rocks. Also the Monty Cristo sandwich is the bomb.

Sherman’s Delicatessen is a Jewish deli. Again the breakfast is to die for. As with any good Jewish deli, the sandwiches are loaded. I had the corned-beef hash and eggs. The eggs were perfectly poached and the hash was awesome. Their breakfast potatoes are killer.

Overall trip dining = 3 banjos

 We also ate at Shanghi Red’s Fish Market. These guys went out of their way to make us happy. I was talking with the chef about something on the menu that I thought I saw. He said he doesn’t serve their oysters grilled like that but said he would make it for us and I was going to like it. Like it we did. Excellent customer service.

 Another restaurant was Kaiser Grill. I thought the food was satisfactory for about ½ the price that we paid, but the service sucked. A trip back by the kitchen revealed a seemingly very short-staffed kitchen and scrambling to make things happen. Up front, the general manager seemed very confused, worried and impatient. Don’t know what her deal was, but we waited about 10 minutes to be greeted by a server and then about 20 minutes for drinks. I’m going to guess they were hurting themselves from the front of the house. Not recommended.



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