Prohibition – An Era – Maybe should have stayed that way

Prohibition Brewery. Catchy name, and with several more Prohibition era touches on the interior, I would have thought they would’ve paid more attention to the dining experience.. Friday night, 6pm, and one of the few “breweries” in the San Diego that have a service menu, it was somewhat busy but no wait at the door…in fact, we were […]

Martini – Perfect ! ! !

So why not say “The perfect Martini”? Because… When you’re engaged with a Martini, it’s another world. It’s like being engaged to a Vegas stripper for the moment…or the night. Yes,…I’m currently engaged. There maybe another engagement yet tonight. How to make the perfect Martini…I know that’s what you’re expecting from me. Well, mine is of […]

Supporo Sushi – Don’t tell me “all you can eat”…I’ll hurt you!!!

Wow, a sushi house with Japanese chefs. In Murrieta,…hell, anywhere in Southern California. At least they looked Japanese…maybe I was fooled… We happened upon this place via is a service my wife bought into a few months back as a coupon gimic thingy. Anyway, we had expected to use our coupon at Supporo […]

Recognizing Awesomeness – Military Instructors – and those that serve.

First off, I’m old school military…that’s pre-“Tailhook”… In other words, I’ve been there, done that, seen it, and been through it all. I also saw many changes for the better (that’s my politically correct statement). Now, being an instructor of military doctrine and having endured (and you know what I’m talking about…if your are military) in several…ok […]

Recognizing Awesomeness – Stone Brewing Company

Need more be said? Went here for a “final” of one of my classes. Had the premier tour guide, Ken Wright – “Minister of Evangelism and Indoctrination”. This dude gives a great tour. Funny as Sh#$! He’s featured in most of their promo videos. Other than constantly expanding and watching them case-up the AB, nothing new to […]

St. Patricks Day is…OVER ALREADY!

How many of you made the “Traditional New England Boil”, as it was called going through “American Regional” cuisine, if I remember. Please, fellow culinary student followers, correct me if I am wrong. When I went through the class, I thought to myself…what?  I thought this was a traditional Irish (II…roll the tongue a bit…rrrr…isshh) meal. Turns out […]


Store bought…on St. Patty’s Day? Really? And actually brought them to a culinary student’s house…that has a blog…and didn’t expect to get blasted… Really? So what about baking? What about the fear of getting blasted? Why is this young female that should have baking…at least CUPCAKES figured out. Then you bring them to a house […]